Will OWENS: CEO of American Dream Properties & Owens Innovations Inc

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  • I am a Real Estate Investor, Marine Corps veteran, 4 x Author, inventor, Marquis who’s who selected, and College graduate.

List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

  • CEO of “American Dream Properties” We specialize in acquiring, renovating, flipping, and selling Real Estate.
  • CEO of “Owens Innovations Inc” We specialize in innovation.

How did you get to where you are? What set you off?

  • I’ve always wanted to excel at whatever I was doing. I was taught to always put my greatest effort forward and to never give up even if the odds are not in my favor.

Tell us a bit more about each of your ventures:

  • As CEO of American Dream Properties, I purchase, remodel, and sell real estate for profit. My company specializes in identifying properties with potential for transformation. We fully renovate properties to increase their value. We also buy and hold for long-term strategic value. Through strategic purchases and sales, as well as leveraging market appreciation, American Dream Properties has become skilled at generating substantial returns on our investments. Flipping properties and facilitating neighborhood improvement has become a true passion. 
  • Additionally, I tap into my entrepreneurial creativity as CEO of Owens Innovations Inc. I invent solution-oriented products that fill overlooked market needs. My first major innovation is the Slide Soket, a versatile surge protector with rotatable and sliding sockets to maximize functionality in tight spaces. Frustrated with the lack of optimal garage storage options for my power tools, I devised a space-saving surge protector. The Slide Soket neatly organizes cords and adapters. 
  • With ventures in real estate investment and cutting-edge inventions under the Owens Innovations name, I look forward to growing my company and seeking new opportunities.

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