Ghazal QUERESHI: CEO of UpBrainery Technologies

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  •  Tell us something about yourself, and your background:

 Hello! My name is Ghazal Qureshi, a computer scientist and proud founder and CEO of UpBrainery Technologies. UpBrainery is a startup tech company that focuses on revolutionizing modern education to fit the evolving needs of parents and children.

My background in technology coupled with curriculum innovation was instrumental in launching UpBrainery Technologies in 2020 to bridge the gap in educational delivery. UpBrainery is a technology solution that combines an interactive learning platform with a neuroscience-backed adaptive curriculum coupled with digital internships and micro-credentials/badges on the Blockchain. It allows organizations to track skills and make better decisions for their employees and students thus providing a shortened learning cycle.

Excellent communication skills and speaking regularly on educational equity and learning styles have allowed me to build teams and logistics for educational concepts across multiple countries. The world of opportunities and recognition has featured me in Forbes magazine, named Houston Business Journal’s Woman to Watch, and have received multiple awards and accolades from Google for Startups, Forbes Next 1000, and Project W. In 2022, Entrepreneur Magazine featured me as one of the 100 Women of Influence. I am also a charter member of the OPEN Houston organization where I offer mentorship to young women on Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

AI and Machine Learning

We provide virtual, individual tutoring, and small group classes where students encounter a holistic learning experience that sharpens their abilities in a subject while also providing the confidence and support needed to succeed. Lastly, we offer an exclusive, comprehensive online curriculum to parents and educators. Our curriculum blends AI technology and research-based content to help align the learning styles of students with the content and help them achieve maximum benefits whether at their own pace or led by an expert.

Using Machine Learning, UpBrainery’s proprietary platform aligns individual students’ guided pathways with multiple types of learning experiences, and workshops along with Credentials and Skills-based badges on the Blockchain in order to help them gain skills for jobs of 2030.

Brain lab

Our proprietary platform helps elementary, middle and high school students explore future careers, assess their own interests/aptitudes for skills needed for these careers and helps them with gaining new skills and badges that can be authenticated by future employers and higher education institutions.

The curriculum is hosted on our proprietary BrainLab Educational Platform whether learning virtually or in person. We are also working on the B2B side where we are offering these same services as either a custom or white-glove service to organizations and schools so that they can use our innovative platform and our cutting-edge content to offer to their own students or community members.

  • How did you get to where you are? What set you off?

My passion for education and love for my children has helped me open up a world of entrepreneurship. In 2011, I founded an educational franchise company, Idea Lab Kids in Houston, Texas. In no time, the company grew to 4 more locations, allowing me to turn it into a premier national brand for afterschool programs that grew to 107 franchised locations across 5 countries by 2019.

The future

Our business has drastically expanded since our launch. In the last two years, UpBrainery has achieved multiple milestones. As of the last year, we have become hyper-focused on providing a connection to students between academic learning and future careers. This is where we have found our niche. We believe in the power of career exploration and appropriate skills development through interactive courses, through our series called `Careers2030`.

The goal is to introduce students to Jobs of not only today but the future and help them translate that to attainable and quantifiable skills based on interests and aptitudes. We are able to do this by merging our technology with skilled-based learning, in a very interactive and immersive manner for students. This has allowed us to make significant gains in the marketplace with the most recent being a contract awarded to UpBrainery by the Department of Defense to launch our technology and our skills-based content into 52 schools on military bases.

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