Sia NASIOS: Inventor of Lippy Links

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  • My name is Sia Nasios, I am Greek Australian.

Tell us something about your ventures:

  • I am the inventor of Lippy Links, a cosmetic accessory that connects a lipstick with lipliner primarily made for the brand Kylie Cosmetics but does fit other brands.

  • I also started my podcast The Lippy Link Show – Journey of a Beauty Start Up to bring people along for the ride. I just uploaded my 3 episode. You can listen to it HERE

How did you get to where you are? What set you off?

  • My journey started in 2019 when my dad got prostate cancer and was subsequently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. In the same year my mother started her treatment for leukemia.

  • I hadn’t looked after myself in years and one day I saw a copy of Vogue Magazine that had a free Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit which included a lipstick and matching lip liner in a box. I decided to treat myself.

  • I loved the kit so much that one turned into thirty! Within the kits though there is nothing to connect the lipstick to the matching lip liner. I was using rubber bands and they snap easily so I invented Lippy Links.

  • I worked with 3 different designers, contacted 36 manufacturers in 6 countries and 6 box manufacturers to get my final product. It’s been exhausting but exhilarating.

  • Along the way my father unfortunately passed away, my beloved uncle Nick his brother passed away and my mother has gone into remission for cancer.

  • I funded everything from selling my car, my pension, winning small amounts from the lottery and also selling items on eBay.

Where are you with your product:

  • I have trademarked my brand name and logo and have patent protect for my design in Australia. I recently filed for trademarks in the US as well and will shortly file for design protection too. I am saving funds to pay for design protection in the US and once I do that I will start launch proceedings! Sounds like a spaceship taking off.
  • I am incredibly scared but really excited and am hoping for the best namely a total sell out of all 200 boxes in a short space of time. Please wish me all the best.

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