Sam KNOX: Author, Co-founder & CEO of Foxhound, founder Galactic Pets

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I am the co-founder and CEO of Foxhound, the founder Galactic Pets, and an author. I was thrust into the working world at quite young age due to unusual circumstances. Working was tough and I coped, in part, by honing my writing and working tirelessly to understand marketing. I knew that I would have to build something for myself if I wanted fulfilment from my career. Though many of the lessons I learned were hard won, those lessons relayed to me an immense appreciation for the power of collaboration and of service to others.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

Foxhound – Our mission with Foxhound was to help businesses succeed. Every business opportunity is a puzzle. Some puzzles are tougher to crack than others, but we are always up for a challenge. We found that most companies need the most help with their marketing efforts, especially on the digital front, as it is constantly changing and evolving. So, my partner and I devised Foxhound to help address this issue.

Galactic Pets – We’ve helped many clients in the eCommerce space. eCommerce is such an exciting place. As a pet lover I found that the e-tail experience was somewhat lacking. I wanted to create an online pet retail space that felt like a theme park, giving people a fun experience without having to leave home.

How to See a Man About a Dog: Collected Writings – I’ve written as a ghost-writer for several years and helped with content strategy for several companies, all the while writing my own fiction. I finally published my first creative piece after labouring over it for over eleven years. I was honoured and humbled to reach the number one spot in my niche during my free book promotion. I would have been happy if just one person found meaning in it. Now that thousands of people have, I’m truly speechless and eternally grateful.

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

I had a bit of an unusual circumstance that forced me to begin working young. For all the things it cost me, it gave me a profound appreciation for self-determination. I knew that the path set out for me was not one I wanted and that I would have to crave out my own destiny by surrounding myself with supportive, talented, and kind people.

  • Tell us a bit more about each of your ventures

I am so grateful to have the opportunity to pursue all my ventures with a great partner. Every venture we launch is a labour of love. We both believe in helping people and establishing real relationships with the individuals we meet through our ventures. Foxhound is aimed at helping people grow their businesses, Galactic Pets is meant to give people a fun way to pamper their pets, and my fiction is aimed at helping give people an outlet. We always think of the impact we can have rather than simply the profit potential and I think that’s our strength.

  • Website, Social Media and Video Links:

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Twitter: @samknoxwrites

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