Fabien GHYS: Entrepreneur

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

My name is Fabien Ghys and I am a French expatriate living in Singapore. After traveling the world and working in 8 different countries, I am today an entrepreneur with a strong drive. I aim to make a difference in people’s life and leave a real footprint.

Since I am a kid, I have some big dreams. One of them was to travel the World, which has been fulfilled. The other one was to achieve great things in life. I believe this second life dream will never end, as I have plenty of ambitious projects.

As a person, I am someone who loves to spend time with others. I also enjoy intense sports such a high intensity workouts, and I have an addiction for good food.  

Being transparent and making a difference in people’s life is what motivates me everyday.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

Today, I run several businesses.

  • One of them is ExcellenceResumes.com, a job search strategy agency that focuses on helping job seekers boost their personal branding, fine tune their strategy, so they can get more job opportunities, for better roles. I am passionate about this business as I believe that a lot of people are not using their full potential in the corporate world. A lot of people are underpaid, and limited in terms of growth, simply because they don’t really know what works and what doesn’t when it is time to attract more career opportunities.This is when I come into the picture with my team, and give job seekers all the support and guidance they need to break through in their career.

  • I am also a network marketer. I lead a global organisation of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs who want to achieve more in their life through online entrepreneurship. This business motivates me a lot as well, as I believe that entrepreneurship is definitely a good way to unleash our potential and reach financial freedom. I believe I am a committed coach and I am extremely focused in giving people the right tools so they can build their own online business via network marketing. Last year and the previous one, the company I built my business with awarded me Singapore’s top Growth #1 and then #3 ranking, within tens of thousands of others associates, which is something that reflects my hard work and commitment to helping others succeed.
  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

I started as an entrepreneur in 2015. I was in my office in Singapore, still employed by a company back then.
A friend from New-Zealand called me to tell me about an online coaching program that aimed to help people get started in online entrepreneurship.

I took the course, followed all the steps diligently, and 6 month alter I was able to quit my job. That is what got me started in Entrepreneurship and today I am grateful forever towards my friend.

Entrepreneurhsip has drastically changed my life and I could never imagine I would be where I am today.

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