Elizabeth Higbe CROUCH: Actress/Model

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  • Tell us a bit about yourself:

Actress, Model, Patented Inventor, Entrepreneur, Mermaid, Grandma…these are just a few of the titles I  hold dear to my heart.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

The most recent years of my life have been spent becoming an Entrepreneur while caring full-time for my disabled grandson while his mommy was at work. I invented a product called The Cupcake Rack and took it from an idea in my mind to a product being sold online and on store Ilves.

A tidbit of my story can be found on the Inventors page at Innovations and More: Click HERE

Promoting The Cupcake Rack was one of My favorite parts of Inventing and Entrepreneurship.

My very favorite part was being on TV shows like Everyday Edisons, The Steve Harvey Show, HSN, MSNBC Your Business with JJ Ramberg, and more TV and online roles.

  • How/Why did you start as an actress? How did it all begin? How did you get to where you are?

I recall a phone call I made to one of my best friends (more like a mom) Pat Goin, just after doing a ten minute live performance on HSN, and telling her that I love selling The Cupcake Rack but really LOVE being on TV!

After about seven years, the life of The Cupcake Rack began slowing down, so I decided to reinvent myself and pursue my love of acting.

I began modeling in 1977 at the age of 19 after living in France as an Au Pair for six months after graduating from High School. A simple newspaper print ad modeling clothes for Montgomery Ward turned into regularly being cast as a model for their ads in newspapers and TV commercials.

Lots of my modeling jobs came along with it as I began my modeling career with Manikin Manor in Sacramento, CA. Successfully securing speaking roles in TV commercials was my first exposure to acting.

Then, I ran off, got married, had a couple of kids to add to my two step-kids, and raised a family.

While the children were growing up, having moved to Sheridan, Oregon, I and my children spent years and years participating in all aspects of the theater life at Gallery Theater in McMinnville, OR.

In 2021 I, along with part of my now grown family, moved to Apache Junction, AZ. Having more freedom to pursue my dreams and now having a big city, Phoenix, nearby and easily accessible, I decided it was time to attempt to reboot my acting career.

Submitting my profile to open calls for actors, I soon signed a talent contract with Signature Models and Talent in Scottsdale, AZ.

Checked off my list is playing the lead role in a student film called “Here with Me” as well as playing a role in an upcoming Feature Horror film.

  • Where are you now?

With my deep devotion to my savior, Jesus Christ, I am striving to act in Faith-based and Family friendly films as much as possible with the hope of glorifying God with my work. God granted a huge miracle to My family when He allowed my grandson to survive a brutal assault which in any other instance would have meant certain death. It was a miracle that shines to this day as my grandson is now eight years old and doing great! The love of Jesus shines so brightly through my grandson that there is no mistaking His glory! God is good and it is time to glorify Him with everything we do!

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Websites: Click HERE & HERE 

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