Cassie DOUGLAS: The Sunburnt Blogger, Author, Photographer, Influencer

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I am a 26-year-old creative living in Tampa, Florida. I have a background in journalism, photography, and social media management. After losing my biggest client due to the pandemic, I utilized all three of these aspects to start my own business as an independent creative with a specific focus on my blog, The Sunburnt Blogger, a Florida-based travel and lifestyle platform. I’ve been running the blog business as a soloprenuer for nearly an entire year now, building it completely from the ground up on my own while simultaneously taking on many clients for social media management, writing, photography and so on.  

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:
  1. Author of a children’s book series based around my hometown, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania (2018-ongoing)
  2. Illustrator of a sea-life colouring book (2021)
  3. Viral article writer
  4. Independent journalist (2016-ongoing)
  5. Award-winning photographer (2016)
  6. Business owner of The Sunburnt Blogger (2020-ongoing)
  7. Influencer on IG and FB @datcassdoeee
  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

I grew tired of living to make other people’s career dreams come true, so I decided that it was time to make my own a reality. I wanted to have the freedom of making my own hours and not being constantly worried about what my managers think about my work. It seemed like becoming an entrepreneur was my only option! I have always enjoyed writing, specifically about travel and lifestyle, and it complimented my modelling and photography abilities.

  • Tell us a bit more about each of your ventures:

I started out as a part-time journalist for my hometown’s online news paper in 2014. After spending two years there, I made the choice to move to Florida and pursue new opportunities here. It was around that same time that I published my first children’s book, The Clock Tower Fairy, a story that takes place in my hometown. It was that same summer that I took on another journalist position at an online news company, where I was promoted from contributor to writer, regional manager and finally senior editor in less than a year! I wrote many viral articles, took viral photos and videos, and grew to love writing about travel during those short few years. During the pandemic, I started my own travel blog, taking it on as a full-time position in December 2020. The blog has grown from 200-views a week to over 5,000 a week in less than a year, not including the social media reach with just me as the only “employee.” I continue to do social media management and promo on the side through my personal accounts!

  • Website, Social Media and Video Links:

Website: Click HERE 

Facebook: Click HERE & HERE 

Twitter: Click HERE 

Instagram: Click HERE & HERE 

LinkedIn:  Click HERE 

Video links: Click HERE 

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