Lynne Alana DELANEY: Actress, Producer, Writer

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

One could say that being born into a large Irish family and growing up in Southern California during a great era were both instrumental in positively shaping my world. Many might also say that my creative career began rather late in life. I might beg to differ on that last one.

Always interested in every aspect of the arts, my view is that I have always been on a continuous quest, collecting creative material everywhere I go, like a squirrel collects nuts, storing them up for later use in my current careers of writing, acting, directing and producing. A long and wonderful career as a Flight Attendant provided plenty of fodder to keep the creative juices flowing. Whether it was the travel to exotic places or the characters and personalities I encountered over the years, it has all become part of the colorful backdrop of my writing and filmmaking. Owning and operating a business with my husband for many years, provided a solid understanding of what it takes to succeed in a competitive marketplace.

A career in the film and TV industry is a rare bird indeed. It not only needs to be solidly grounded in good business instincts, but also be able to take flight at a moment’s notice with exceptional creativity and beauty. It’s a bit like a swan, I would imagine. A swan can walk like a duck on dry land, glide across the waters with beauty and grace, and ultimately unfurl their large wings to lift themselves airborne for miles to reach their destination.

My migration just took a little longer than some.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

The Remake, my first feature film, a lovely look at how we might be able to re-invent ourselves at any age, combines these aspects as well as many of my own hopes, inspirations and a firm belief that anything is possible. I tried to weave into my character’s lives a mosaic of my own ambitions in the hopes that it might inspire them.  It has been a wonderful catalyst to all my adventures in the entertainment industry since. It was released in 2016 and is currently available on multiple streaming services including Amazon and Amazon Prime. Watch the trailer below:

I have since written two additional screenplays. 

Losing Face: a wonderful true story of an American woman’s triumph for herself and all women in China against seemingly unbeatable odds.

Partners: where La La Land does the tango with West Side Story as a young girl grapples with coming of age and her future in dance.

I am currently working on a TV series to be released on one of the major streaming networks with a working title of BUH-BYE where an unlikely group of friends form life-long bonds as they navigate life and love in the world of aviation of the 1970’s.

  • What set you off?

I know exactly when that moment occurred…

I had been involved in theater acting at a very young age and seriously considered pursuing it as a career throughout high school. The reality of being able to support myself in the arts until “my big break” arrived, became clear soon after graduation. I had applied to and was accepted at Pasadena Playhouse near Los Angeles only months before it shut down due to lack of funding. The fact that one of our best theater establishments couldn’t even get sufficient financial backing seemed somehow prophetic and I changed course. Luckily, I had also applied to a number of other colleges and universities to go a more traditional route.

Years later, however, I still had that passion burning somewhere inside. When my brother asked me one day if there was anything I’d like to do besides what I was doing, I immediately thought of acting and the tv and film industry. He then asked another simple question…If not now – when?

It didn’t take me long to jump into the deep end of the pool and work toward what I had always wanted.

  • Tell us a bit more:

I invite you to take a look at some of my projects past and current on the compresensive IMDb website: Click HERE

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