Walter M. GESLAK: Entrepreneur

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

An unusual chain of events got me into the As Seen On TV and DRTV industry. I am the owner for over 25 years of Chemex/L&A Products. About 18 years back, we were approached by an inventor/chemist that developed a cleaning chemical that he patented, developed and sold to QVC but had no way of producing the product. My company provides a complete manufacturing service from idea to store shelf. The customer really had an excellent product that had a real “WOW” demo for before and after comparison. His first airing on QVC didn’t go perfectly he sold OK but he didn’t sell out. The Shopping Channels like when the inventors come on air to sell their own product because who is the best believer in the product but the inventor themselves who spent their own money to develop the product and pay for the patents and the trademarks. Some people are not meant for TV and this inventor just wasn’t ready for prime time. After his first airing he hired a professional pitchman and his numbers started growing eventually getting into the big box stores, True Value hardware stores and Home Depot. I saw the potential and we started to pursue the infomercial product market first primarily as a supplier to the industry. We would approach companies’ with products that we could produce and offer our services. We are located in the perfect location with a majority of the largest infomercial producers are located in the New Jersey tri- state area. We worked our way into more products. We established our reputation of being able to deliver in a tight delivery schedule, consistent top quality and most importantly I feel we stood behind the products that we produced. We have produced products for other pitchmen selling products on QVC, HSN and other infomercial producers over the years.

We take non-disclosure agreements (NDA’S) very seriously and even all these years later I will never reveal a product or a customer that we have worked on. It also makes our customers’ feel comfortable that they are not competing against themselves. What I can say is our customer’s products have been on all the major television networks and retail outlets, supermarkets and Amazon both domestically and internationally.

  • How/Why did you start an entrepreneur? What set you off?

I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. I grew up with my father owning a business. I knew and understood the sacrifices it took to be successful in business. I had the incredible privilege of attending the top rated undergraduate entrepreneurial studies program in the US, Babson College where I received my Bachelors of Science Degree in Entrepreneurial Studies. The program was extremely competitive and it has helped me in gaining confidence in the real world.     

  • Tell us about each of your ventures:

I am looking to license new products. I am very good at networking. I am the guy who knows the person that can get projects done. I have assembled a team of team industry insiders that can help take a project from concept to patent to prototype to TV to store shelf. What I’m looking for is to take all my industry contacts and monetize it by taking a product license from the inventor, investing our own money in product development, producing an infomercial, airing it and selling it at the retailers. I have a few US based injection molders that are interested in making plastic injection molds at no cost to the inventors to get a percentage on the back end. Please contact me to discuss further.

  • How can we get in touch with you?

 Phone: Office (732) 828-7676 ext. 27


–End of Interview–

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