Sina GHOLOUBI: Influencer

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I am running a digital marketing company and right now my main focus is to help well-known small and medium size companies to grow in number of audiences, I have master’s degree in animation directing and animation always has been my passion, the main goal of my life is to make dreams and goals come true for children. 

Right now I am trying to share my experience and learn from elder professionals on LinkedIn. Since my job is digital marketing, I have been testing all digital media platforms except tiktok, and I can say LinkedIn was the only place I could find amazing opportunities and help younger friends with talent who couldn’t find the right person for their business.

  • Tell us about your current venture with a brief explanation:

Right now as I told previously my main focus is LinkedIn and I do want to grow more, this is really amazing experience to live among business owners and people who reached their goals, more you engage the more you will understand the never give up attitude comes from reality of true business holders! My main venture would be my time! If I invest your time on what you love you will receive the unbelievable profit and more you make more you know the value of time, when you see the routines of successful people you won’t believe it but when you start living as an entrepreneur you understand this is the way you need to live, and you need to have a schedule for you time, since it is the most valuable asset of any successful businessman.

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

Since I wanted to stop wasting my time working for monthly salary and having financial freedom I took the biggest risk of my life and started my own business. After a while, I figured it out, it is not only about money but it is about doing what you love! I work even more rather than when the time I was a simple employee but I feel less tired and always there are big and small successes every day that motivates me more and more!

  • Social media Links

Twitter: Click HERE 

LinkedIn: Click HERE 

–End of Interview–

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