Mohini KHATIYAN: Entrepreneur and LinkedIn Influencer

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I started working at the age of 20 which I wouldn’t actually call working but struggling and finding the industry where I belonged. So first I connected with an overseas company & started working for them. Time went by & initially they were very happy with my work. However, one day I got a mail from my senior manager stating that I had been removed (mentioning no reason). Having a single parent (mother), who depended on me for most things, I couldn’t stop & started interviewing in different industries and firms. Rejected every time, I used to return home with a heavy heart. Finally, the time came when I joined a digital marketing team as an intern, which was a completely new field for me. Then & there, my determination introduced me to the field of my interest. After a year of working as an intern, I excelled at my skills but got to know that the company wasn’t planning to pay me for my skills, instead use them for their benefit only. I left the firm and partnered with a Tea Company for marketing and selling their products. But unfortunately the owner declared himself as bankrupt & I was again left with no earnings but this time with polished skills. This kept me motivated and going!

I started working a freelance digital marketer from where Digi Marketing Growth was born in 2018. Starting with just marketing & content writing, Digi Marketing has grown and diversified into various sectors. Then, I started working on my LinkedIn profile (even after getting scolded by people to ignore LinkedIn and focus on new fields). But being a rebel, I never stopped!

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

Working 9 to 5 had never been my cup of tea and facing rejection taught me one thing – “Value your own talent”, which led me to start Digi Marketing. I always wanted to start something of my own and help companies reach the market by creating their own brandnames. Also, personal rejections from friends and family fuelled me to prove that no person is unworthy. My love for creating videos and marketing drove my career to new heights and now I am happy to inspire the ones who are setting on the journey of pursuing their dreams.

Call it hard and desperate times, my mind never allowed me to focus on negativity. Moreover, my passion kept me awake day & night, planning what could have been done and push my limits to deliver the best results to my clients. I have also been blessed with the best people around me who put a lot of trust in me & my work, encouraging, taking challenges and never crying over my failures.

“There’s nothing a person cannot do once s/he set his or her mind on!”

  • Tell us more about your venture:

Established with passion and interest, Digi Marketing Growth has completed 1000+ writing projects, 20+ free consultation calls, 20+ free projects, 10+ social media marketing projects. Additionally, I have more than 35k+ followers with a conversion rate of more than 1%. Different brand and apps approach Digi Marketing to promote their products & services. Digi Marketing Growth’s team handles social media accounts, does graphic designing, and creates engaging content for its clients to meet their business goals and target potential customers. We have loyal, supportive, expert and experienced teams from every field who work their hearts out to make Digi Marketing Growth a successful venture. DIGI MARKETING GROWTH works on three I’s – Ingenious Results, Insightful Data, and Impactful Online & Offline Presence.

I am proud of my achievements, hard work & determination which has bought me this far. However, there’s no stopping now and I aim to create more employment opportunities for people across the world.

My Work Mantra – “There’s no other day when you can start working hard. Don’t wait for quick results but build something that will survive all the odds.”

  • Website, Social Media and Video Links:

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