Helen DENISE: Inventor, Founder & CEO of HiLin Life Products

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Tell us something about yourself, and your background:

  • Women should not set boundaries for their dreams, but instead let belief, hope and love drive their journeys through life, and above all never give up. *As a woman entrepreneur I abide by this belief, and lived it as I left my high paying leadership role at Zepter International to found Hilin Life Products, Inc. and develop the first sustainable, all natural and cost effective saliva ovulation test kit in the US market. With over 24 years of experience and research-based knowledge, our company’s singular mission is to empower women to be proactive in their reproductive health and fertility. My drive was born out of an unplanned ectopic pregnancy, a pregnancy in the fallopian tubes, that nearly took my life. At the time I was the National Sales Director of Zepter, built and led an organization of over 500, produced over 100 TV shows in three years, and as a result of my work generated over $20 million dollars in sales in only four years. After having my near-death pregnancy experience, I decided to take a tremendous risk, leaving behind a very successful and lucrative career to launch Hilin Life Products, Inc.

List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

  • Hilin Life Products, Inc. (HLP) has developed a reusable medical devices, KNOWHEN®, which are designed to help women determine exactly when they are ovulating. This knowledge empowers women desiring children to become pregnant and assists those who choose to plan their pregnancies. This device’s results are clinically proven to be 98.99% accurate. The product has been FDA-cleared and patented. Our smart phone app, which tracks fertility, sends the user alerts about their own fertility. This app in combination with our Educational Kits distinguishes KNOWHEN® from other ovulation testers on the market.

How did you get to where you are? What set you off?

  • Current device KNOWHEN® Advanced Ovulation Test presents an unprecedented degree of accuracy for predicting the time of ovulation naturally. Based upon known science, these medical devices are durable and reusable. They use no chemicals and are completely safe. KNOWHEN® detects changes in the pattern of a saliva sample under a mini-microscope as a woman ovulates. A woman simply checks a drop of saliva each morning. Our product is designed and packaged specific for each demographic, geography and economy we serve. Line of new devices related to ovulation checking are in development.

Where are you with your ventures:

  • NINETEEN YEARS LATER… When I started this journey in April 1999 and presented my first device, many societies were not ready to talk openly about fertility issues and treatment. Many couples suffered silently with the struggle and the pain of infertility. For many years, there were only a few exorbitantly priced ovulation devices available on the market, and millions of dollars were spent promoting these devices. In the first five years I sold my ovulation test online in 68 countries. My company plans to launch a new device, which we will call, MOMent™, and new Fertility APP.2. As you are aware, KNOWHEN® was the first ovulation device with Fertility App in 2013. There are many fertility apps on the market now, but our App.2 will allow us be the leader again in Fertility Apps category. As of today, we have MOMent® ready to launch in 3-5 months, as well as the new App.2 Fertility App, which will be the only one of its kind on the market My personal believe is that Infertility is not an epidemic but stems from a lack of knowledge. I have gained much knowledge and information during the last 25 years in the “fertility field” and have been invited to speak at many events. Through these events, I have had the opportunity to spread knowledge on the subject. Starting this February, I plan to begin my crusade again to educate couples. I have been given the opportunity to start a TV show in NJ, “Sex & Your Baby”, which will help many women and couples who have a problem to conceive. Our program for doing business with OBGYN offices has been launched, and at the present moment, we have exploring connections with IVF clinics. We have started the process of talking with a nationwide IVF Fertility chain. We are projecting that this would provide the biggest exposure for MOMent® when it becomes available on the market. “SUCCESS IS NOT FINAL, FAILURE IS NOT FATAL; IT IS THE COURAGE TO CONTINUE THAT COUNTS”- Winston Churchill.

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