Lee C. RICHERSON Jr. : Inventor of PoolWatcher 360°

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

My name is Lee C. Richerson Jr. I am 62 years old. Born & raised in Santa Monica California, I currently reside in Covina California. I am an inventor/entrepreneur, currently working on my first project.

  • Tell us about the product you invented with a brief explanation:

PoolWatcher 360° is the first of its kind! It is a Smart Security Device floating around the surface of your swimming pool, sending you HD live streaming with audio from the pool/alarm/motion sensor/night vision, solar power & monitoring your Swimming pool 24/7 365 days in a year. 3,500 children drown in swimming pools in the USA every year, that is a horrible thing to know & not act on it. My goal is to help save lives.

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off? How did you get from idea to finished product?

I started working on this project nine years ago. Believe it or not, I had a dream about the invention PoolWatcher 360° woke up & scribbled what I saw. It was so vivid that all the functions that I have on the prototype today were in the dream nine years ago! I kept drawing & changing, at the time the software was not around, no wi-fi & no bluetooth! I completed my first Prototype in 2017 It worked to my amazement but it drowned after I made the first video of it!!!

That did not stop me…It was back to the drawing board with a few adjustments & re-tooling! I am getting ready to build my final version of PoolWatcher 360 this year! It was Patent Certified in 2020. I partnered up with Idea Pros in San Diego the year 2017 & we are currently working on the final version!! Coming to a Swimming Pool near you

I have learned so much about the whole process of innovation & creating new inventions that I founded my startup LLC company; Minds Over Matter LLC which is now going into it fourth year & now my first invention is almost ready.

  • Social media, Website and Video links:

Instagram: PoolWatcher360

Facebook: @poolwatcher360

LinkedIn: Lee Richerson 2

Video: Click HERE 

Website: Click HERE

--End of Interview--
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