Jennifer CLINE: Wood Worker, Flag Maker & Content Creator

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I’m a self taught woodworker and flag maker and believe my work is part of my life’s calling. Widowed at the age of 37 and a mother of two young children, I picked up my husband’s tools to make necessary repairs around my 200 year old farmhouse. Eventually, I gained a handy reputation among friends and coworkers, prompting one to ask for a thin blue line flag. That flag led to hundreds more and new opportunities.

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

As previously mentioned, I had a job working as a paralegal and grand jury coordinator for Summit County, Ohio. I loved my job and would have never left had it not been for the treatment I received from my supervisor. Still, I learned valuable life lessons and am a firm believer that we are often pushed out of situations or relationships because it’s time to go and time to grow.

  • Can you list your ventures with a brief explanation of each

I left my job as a paralegal two years ago after filing and winning a harassment claim against my boss. While that experience was upsetting, scary and a financial hit, I am grateful I had my side business making flags. I decided to focus on being my own boss and took to social media to not only gain more orders, but also exposure.

That leap of faith has led to companies reaching out to me to work with them as an affiliate and influencer.

To name a few:

  1. Lynk Packaging: A local box company that I am working with to bring affordable shipping solutions to the maker community. (Launching Feb. 2021)
  2. DGP: Manufacturer of high performance synthetic lubricants, cleaners and hand sanitizers that are Bio based and Earth friendly.
  3. Innolift USA/Frendix: Manufacturer of innovative, self lifting loaders for delivery vehicles.
  4. I am also an affiliate with Acme Tools and International Tools. Find out more HERE
  • Social media links

I am currently a social media presence and content creator with over 200k followers. 

TikTok: Click Here

YouTube: Click Here

Instagram: Click Here and Here

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