Bethel DAMENA: Inventor

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Tell us something about yourself, your background: 

I was born and raised in Ethiopia. I am currently residing in the U.S. I grew up watching my father’s creative endeavors, and my mother consistently encouraged my creativity. That led me to become an inventor. Since I was a little girl, I have always enjoyed improving things and making day-to-day life convenient. I also believe in self progress and acquiring knowledge anywhere I can. Therefore, I worked with many companies and went to school for Purchasing Management, CIS (Computer Information Systems), SQL Development, and Power BI Development. However, I was not satisfied with what I had been doing.  I kept digging to find what I enjoy doing and what I am passionate about, which is contributing something positive to our world. I found inventRight and became a student/member. Joining inventRight has been a remarkable decision in my pursuit of becoming a product developer.   

  • Tell us about your inventions with a brief explanation of each? 

Currently, I have invented four patent-pending products. There are three more progressing.  I have many more ideas on my list.  

Invention #1   Kids Motivational Device: I have always been passionate about children’s well-being. Therefore, I created a device that motivates kids and helps to boost their confidence. I believe in the long run that it will help self-esteem and prevent psychological trauma. 

Invention #2 Group or Individual Game:  This device is competitive, exciting, and challenging. The invention can boost memory, physical movement and help with balance. It even cultivates good mental health and people of all ages can play this game. The game is targeted for the health industry and therapy equipment industry.  

Invention #3 College Student Study Aid invention: The invention detail information is not available to the public due to a potential licensing company working on the product.  

Invention #4 Automotive Accessories: This invention is available for potential licensing companies. 

  • How/Why did you start inventing?  What set you off? 

By working for multiple companies, and interacting with many people’s activities, I’ve had the opportunity to observe their day-to-day problems in operating things.  That always drives me to come up with solutions and new ideas.  

The first product I have researched and tried to invent is an Ethiopian bread (injera) maker. It always bothered me that it takes a very long time to make, and I wanted to make it quick and efficient.  

For this time-consuming process, I decided to invent a bread (injera) maker machine that will make multiple pieces of bread (injera) in a short period of time. I sketched and researched and compared it to a similar, existing machine. I could not stop thinking about this product and I shared the idea with family and close friends. They all liked the idea, but most of the comments I received were similar. The idea was complex, and therefore the functionality and mechanisms required electrical engineers and computer programmers.  I didn’t have either of those skill sets, so I put the idea aside.  Everyone told me that I was an inventor after sharing the innovative idea!  Even though I knew I was capable to come up with a new idea, hearing the term “inventor” was enormous at that moment. This experience thought me my passion can be turned into a product.    

  • How do you get from idea to finished product? 

The first thing I always do once an idea comes to me, is to take notes on my phone (mostly just one sentence long.)  The next thing I do is extensive research I research online, I learn about the product marketplace, and I also search for an existing patent.  If I get this far without finding anything that could stop me, I move to the next step. Then I start to build a prototype to see if the idea makes sense and try to learn about my idea functionality. The next steps are to work on the virtual prototype and sell sheet for potential licensing companies. While I am working on my product, I will search for companies that may have the potential to license my product. Once I have all the marketing materials, I will fill a PPA (Provisional Patent Application).  Finally, I start reaching out to companies if they are interested in licensing.  

  • Let us know of useful resources that helped you i.e. Books, Websites, software etc 

YouTube: inventRightTV 

Education: inventRight One-on-One coaching program (Ten steps) 

Book: Sell Your Ideas With or Without A Patent by Stephen Key 

Book: Licensing Ideas using LinkedIn by Stephen Key and Benjamin Harrison 

  • Where are you with your product?  

Inventions 1, 2 & 4: Kids Motivational Device/ Group or Individual Game/ Automotive Accessories: These inventions are available for potential licensing companies. 

Invention #3. College Students Study Aid innovation: Working with a company 

  • Website: Click HERE 

–End of Interview–

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