Charles BIBAS: CEO of Tecnica

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

 As a child, I was fascinated by Electronics where I used to take appliances apart. I was equally fascinated when re-assembling to have few spare parts left behind…So I took them apart again and reassembled them until no spare parts were left.

I am a Computer Engineer (BSCE from the Israeli Institute of Technology, Technion, Haifa Israel) who specialized in Process Control systems.  Thousands of my controllers are embedded in Plasma/Diamond-jet coating systems used by Boeing, GE, GM, Boeing, Prat & Whitney, Garret Toyota, and more.

  • Can you list the products you have developed with a brief explanation of each
  1. I invented a high-speed, high-resolution Selective laser Sintering print head.  It is based on an optical system composed of two mirrors that allows the laser beam to focus on movement and also to keep the energy delivered to the print area constant.
  2. While working for Barcode Industries I developed the first barcode scanner interface for Fedex.
  3. While working for Perkin-Elmer (Metco division) I Developed a computerized controlled wire coating system for coating the cylinders in an engine block for the Saturn car engine (GM).
  4. Plasma and Diamond Jet controllers for the Aerospace and Auto industry.
  5. Developed full line of barcode scanners
  6. Before the Zoom and Netmeeting era, I developed a web-based TV channel for a PIPE wall street company to conduct online interviews and product presentations.
  7. At the turn of the millennium I developed a portable wireless market look system to be used in the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange) floor by traders. 

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off?

The statement: “When people say, No, something is not possible, the envelope has already been pushed”, makes me want to push it further and prove that anything is possible.”

Back in the day my Boss who holds a Master and BSEE in Electrical Engineering from MIT explained to me that the Bitbus (an intel communication board) maximum speed is limited,  therefore we need to work around it. I insisted on looking into it.  After a week of work, I hacked the code and was able to deliver a 5X the original speed. Eliminating the work around the “problem” and making my boss very happy.  To his credit, he gave me the time to explore it.

I believe that problems need to be properly defined. I also believe that 99% of the issues are solved as soon as you have a clear definition of the problem. From here the rest is binary. Is there a feasible solution?  if there is then the rest is easy.

 I guess you can say it has always been a passion of mine.  I don’t believe in being satisfied with putting a Band Aid or mitigating a problem when if you understand the math and physics behind it, the solution is clear.

A good example is the SLS/SLM printhead solution for the 3D printing market. The 3D industry is putting Band Aid on an old technology without addressing the cause. 

  • How did you get from idea to finished product?

In the year 2013, I was contacted to develop a product to be used in a wet environment and needed an enclosure for it.  We could not find an off the shelf enclosure, so I decided to print one. We purchased our first Cubex printer from 3DSystem.  It took hours to level and calibrate and after some gaggling, we printed a sound enclosure.  I was fascinated by the ability to manufacture on demand.  We made a decision that we are going to step into the market and make high-quality printers in the field of Selective Laser Sintering which can cost over a million dollars a printer.  More importantly, making it affordable to the small business as well. 

  • Let us know of useful resources that helped you:
  1. Warren J. Smith, Modern Optical Engineering, 3rd Edition, McGraw-Hill
  2. And about most of all ray-tracing software.
  3. Math for 3D surfaces.
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