Anthony LEACH: Entrepreneur

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I was raised in Jamaica Queens New York. I remember growing up young with dreams of being a basketball player, but my dreams were cut short from an accident at 10 being struck with a car breaking both legs, leaving me confined to a body cast. After my dreams to become a basketball player were cut short from my injuries. I begin to create music at the age of 10 seriously. Inspired by local rappers to become one myself, I named myself T.O.M.M. BOMB creating music that expresses the life I was experiencing as a youth in South Jamaica Queens, NY.

The music industries changed and everything was about being independent so starting a Marketing company by the name of Media World pro’s was a great move for me. Allowing me to develop T-shirts, graphic designs, marketing campaigns for my music and other businesses. Before starting my own Marketing company, I performed affiliate marketing for other companies like Amazon, click bank and many other affiliate networks that would pay you to market their product to customers.

Gaining the skills and knowledge of Marketing gave me the talent and advantage I needed to reach more people for my music and any other product I could think of. Creating music also gave me the experience of music production, graphic design, plus video production which merged well with my marketing and publishing ventures. At the time of 18 I had the experience of music and video production mastered creating my own music video’s and song on my own.

My life took a shape turn with the loss of my older brother. I had already lost my Mother, Grand parents and had never known my Father. I felt losing my older brother was a major loss in my life. He was my mentor. The pain the it caused forced me to put it in the music creating songs that I can feel relating to the loses I faced in my hard young life. The music was not enough and I would have done anything to bring them all back. So I created SOUNDWEAR CLOTHING not that it could bring them back, but it brought me to the closest point of feeling them again when I could view their photos and hear their voice at the same time.

My T-shirt company was doing well and I started my Non-profit by the name of Y.E.S. I AM INC in Fayetteville, NC. We provide charitable and education support to impoverished youth and their family and still do today. The program trains entrepreneur to start and manage their own business while also giving them tools on managing their credit.

Today I’ve created a new business that focus on Business management and marketing, also contracting with the Government while managing my SOUNDWEAR STREAMLINE clothing invention and music career.

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

Growing up in Queens NY hustling was all I knew and learning technology and music helped me to explore my own ventures. Also wanting more out of life is the reason I became a entrepreneur. Being a single father of 3 boys was my why.

  • List each of your ventures with a brief explanation:
  1. Media world pro’s inc – started in 2005 created for business marketing
  2. Y.E.S. I AM INC- Non profit credit in 2015 We provide Charitable and education support to impoverished youth and their families.
  3. TOMMBOMB Music – Creating music since 10 years old. Worldwide distribution on Apple music, Amazon music, Pandora and everywhere else music is sold.
  4. YES I AM Publishing Ascap – Music publishing company under ascap create to track all the music coming out under the platform.
  5. SOUNDWEAR CLOTHING- Clothing that play music, video, voice, phone number and directs anywhere you like in one contactless scan. Soundwear Streamline clothing is the only clothes in the world that pay you when your wearing it. Now we make memories last a life time with Soundwear Streamline clothing.
  • Website, Social media and video links:

Websites: Click HERE, HERE, HERE & HERE 

Facebook: Click HERE


LinkedIn: Click HERE

Video links: Click HERE & HERE  

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