Anand KANNAN: Avas Digitech

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I have 25+ years of marketing & business development experience. I have a double Post Graduate in Business & International trade. I am a trained product & packaging designer & a certified Business analyst from Automation Anywhere. I have worked in various domains from Media to Engineering & now busy working closely, in the world of innovation.

  • Tell us about your venture with a brief explanation:

“Every journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step”  Anon

Avas Digitech International Private Limited is a Design, Innovation and Technology Start-up with a registered office in Bangalore, India. Avas Digitech’s “Sparkinov” is an innovation platform that Supports Non-Profit Organizations, Accelerators, Incubators, Venture Capitals, Research institutes, Universities, Government and Large Corporates to bring forth Business, Technology, Scientific and Social challenges for innovators to design actionable solutions in a workspace. The platform is designed on the lines of Collaborate to Innovate & we truly want to bring in collaboration among the Rural & Urban innovators, developed & developing countries to find solutions to global issues. 

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

I started my career as a business development manager in the media industry way back in 1996, starting from Print media to television & finally in the world of animation & special effects. Having spent more than a decade in the business, it was time to bite the entrepreneur bug & finally in 2010 started my program sales company based out of Singapore, simultaneously, we also started work on developing a online distribution portal called Egg up, where consumers could watch movies by downloading it, but cannot make copies, it was highly encrypted & once the stipulated time was over, it would self destruct. The platform won the best prize in a global competition, held in Sweden. All good things should end well, but in our case, we could not get crucial funding to scale up, as investors felt we were far ahead of time & the venture had to be shut. A failed start did not deter, I ventured in different sectors ranging from civil engineering to agriculture with some bitter sweet memories, but a great experience. Come pandemic, & I decided it’s time we think of something better. That’s when I & Dr.Satish  met up in 2020 & kicked off the innovation platform – Sparkinov (to be launched soon)

  • Tell us about your venture – how you got to where you are:

From 2014-2019, although wanted to start something on my own, was not getting the courage to venture out. Finally, in 2020 decided to take the plunge again at the height of the pandemic. Maybe the pandemic was the spark which made us develop the platform Sparkinov an open Innovation platform, which caters to all areas of innovation to corporates, NGOs, Government, Universities etc. Along with open innovation, we also offer services in AI, UX/UI.

The journey has just begun & the platform is under final phase of testing, we hope to launch by early March 2021.

  • Website: Click HERE 
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