Tony BOST: Inventor of Happy Cornerz® 5-in-1 & Composer of Mr. Puffy Our Pet Poodle Puppy

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

My name is Tony Bost. I grew up on a beautiful countryside farm where there deep canyon-like creek bottoms and a thicket of trees all around. I was a wild card growing up but a very compassionate person for others. We lived on a good-sized plot of land and our nearest neighbours were far enough away for us all to have a good sense of privacy but that also made it somewhat lonely as a child. 

To entertain myself I’d have to say my creativity was my escape. I loved the outdoors as much as the indoors. I always liked playing my guitar and composing songs. I grew up eating from a large garden that my mom and dad raised food from and we even had a small lake back then to catch lots of fish. It was a peaceful way of growing up. 

I was also very tactical by nature and if I wasn’t adventuring through the woods with my dogs when I was child then I’d be nailing wood steps to trees building treehouses from scrap materials around the farm. I grew up splitting firewood, hauling square hay and handling many other outdoor jobs with the family and we took it to the extreme when working hard from dawn to dusk. I learned how to blacksmith and forge metal from my dad and all kinds of other things that most would consider to be lost arts these days. 

The most exciting thing I think I did with my family was arrowhead hunting on our land! It was sort of like treasure hunting with the whole family. We grew up with several old Indian camp sites on our land and the entire family would come out to go hunting and sifting through dirt for arrowheads and artifacts. I learned many things growing up watching my parents as they were extremely hard workers and very rarely sat long enough to watch TV so we were always outdoors. 

My father built a large steel storm shelter business that lasted for more than 30 years. My mom helped manage the businesses and it was just the two of them putting up 400-pound metal sheets on their own. Dad would wield them together resulting in high quality storm shelter that’d last customers a lifetime. When the war was going on during the early 2000’s oil prices skyrocketed which made anything with oil in it (including sheet metal) very expensive. My family’s business closed up shortly after that in terms of wide-scale business goals but my parents were always determined to provide my brother and I with a stable lifestyle. My family has always been very talented and later on I learned there was a lot to appreciate about my childhood and family.

After I graduated from high school I worked many jobs but I was strongly compelled to do greater things. I’ve always had a strong willpower with a mentality of resilience and persistence to see things through. I’ve always believed there’s an unlimited number of ways to earn a living. I’m a self-driven critical thinker and a passionate researcher to learn more about a myriad of topics in life.

I soon began inventing products in my early 20s by simply solving common problems. This phase of my life began my journey towards many trails, failures and future successes. Now I’m 27 and I own several granted patents and I’ve gained the respect of global individuals who also lead their own companies by dedicating myself towards similar success. In closing, here is a quote of my own: “I often spy on my future to witness myself succeeding” – Tony Bost.

  • Tell us about the products you created with a brief explanation:
  1. My Children’s E-Book series “Mr. Puffy Our Pet Poodle Puppy” for kids 4-9+ 

“Mr. Puffy Our Pet Poodle Puppy” is an adorable and kind story about an overly fluffy pet poodle who’s friendly, funny and loves adventures both indoors and outdoors. This book series always rhymes for an exciting storyline and the illustrations are beautiful as can be, full of colours and details. This new children’s book is set to become an online frenzy among children’s books as well as a globally sold paperback edition. 

This kid’s book will be a blessing to so many children during 2021 and onward since so many kids are at home sick, in quarantine or now have school at home. Millions of these children are looking for more creative things to do to help expand their imaginations. As they read the funny storylines about Mr. Puffy it’ll create a memorable and loving experience as kids explore the amazing pictures coloured in a classic water-colour paint.

This book (along with helpful contributors) is a creation of mine that I’m very passionate about and it’s quite different from my earlier inventions or business models. My goal was to help kids smile and feel happy about what they’re reading without being exposed to the negative things found in so many books and cartoons these days. 

I’m thankful for everyone who wishes to download it for their kids or grandkids and I assure you from my heart to yours it’s worth it! “Mr Puffy Our Pet Poodle Puppy” is available online.

Your positive reviews will help us reach more parents who want their kids to enjoy positive lessons and playful surprises in the things they read.

  1. Happy Cornerz® 5-in-1 The 360° Pest Trap™️

My first fully patented product was Happy Cornerz®. This brand represents a 5-in-1 glue board also known as The 360° Pest Trap™️ offering more options to all DIY users and pest control professionals. Happy Cornerz® 5-in-1 is a sticky trap for insects and other pests that allows a user to turn it into 5 new products that give people the ability to catch insects and pests from low to high; literally from floors to ceilings! 

I developed this product based on the common problem with pests invading homes and businesses. More uniquely, this product was developed in reposted to the fact that pests don’t just crawl on the floors but they literally travel 360° around our homes and businesses. Therefore, this new trap allows the user to mount any variation of the product wherever they want to catch more pests in more places.

I now have 7 patents protecting this product and before covid-19 we were offered a North American licensing deal by a large company for placing my product into retail stores all across North America. In 2021 we intend on succeeding with the North American licensing deal and major sales opportunities throughout South Africa, Europe, Australia and other regions of the world. Many pest control companies are also learning about this advanced pest trap product to better serve their clients as well.

  • Let us know of useful resources that helped you i.e. Books, websites, software etc

For the first 3 years I travelled to many international tradeshows showcasing my pest control product to potential buyers from all around the world. This was not only an exciting way to experience different cultures but it was an appealing way to enhance global business opportunities. I’ve always enjoyed meeting people in person and creating relationships with them. Plus, it’s always fun to stay at new hotels in various cities. I like getting away so this was a good way to develop new business contacts and improve on the sales goals. 

Overall, my key platform for generating a following and spreading the message about what I have would have to be LinkedIn. I quickly gained more than 2,000 connections just in the pest control industry worldwide before increasing that number when I began connecting with CEO’s and Presidents in different industries to share news about my other products. LinkedIn is a professional platform for connecting to the right people in an industry when you want to market, license or sell your products, find a patent acquirer or land a business acquisition. 

More recently, I find that social media platforms such as TikTok can help greatly when spreading the word about my children’s books to more people. Social media is certainly a powerful tool but I also gained a lot of knowledge from my patent attorneys when I first started out inventing products. I quickly learned about how mass-manufacturing and distortion worked after partnering with certain investors. It’s always a great idea to find a good mentor.

  • Website: Click HERE 
  • Video: Click HERE 
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