Steve ATKINS: Podcast Host – The Limey and the Yank

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I was born and raised in Manchester, England. Immigrated to the United States, Florida, and have resided here for over forty years. As a teenager in Manchester, I DJ’d in clubs and was a dancer. My full time occupation was in beauty. I was a sales representative for Schwartzkopf Inc. My history in the States includes selling beauty products for different companies. I am a hairstylist and owned my own hair salon for a number years. Later, I moved to the number one hair salon in Florida, JConn. Currently, I am not practicing my craft due to Covid precautions. In between all of that, I have been a spokesman for beauty products and, at one point, developed my own line of hair care products. In the past, I even sold products on HSN USA and national trade shows such as the Home Show in Chicago.

  • Tell us about the projects you are involved in with a brief explanation

My main focus at this time is on my podcast, The Limey and the Yank, which I co-host with a friend of mine, Blake Bennett. We have had sponsors in the past such as Biltmore Seafood USA. We developed commercial ads for them, including voice and video. My co-host, Blake, is a technical computer engineer and also does voice overs for books. We are currently seeking sponsorships now to sell products.

I also have a side project developing an easy way to style your hair with a hands-free hairdryer attachment. It will allow you to style your hair five different ways, all hands-free. It will also come with various attachments such as pick attachment. One of the number one questions I get as a hairstylist is from those who struggle styling their hair when one arm needs to be lifted for an extended period of time for styling. This is particularly problematic for those with limited mobility. I haven’t developed a prototype yet. Right now it is just an idea I’m working on. I’m looking for investors to fund the development process.

  • How did and how do you get from idea to project?

Any successful endeavour come through great ideas 💡 and filling a void that no one else has filled , hence The Limey and the Yank Show. We both decide on a interesting musical subject that we battle against each other with and give our fans and listeners a happy, fun, positive and informative different show ever time. The steps to develop a successful podcast would take to long to explain such as, finding a good podcast host, developing a website, editing the program and what equipment to use such as what microphone, camera, green screen etc. The Yank does the program editing and I the video promoting videos. It all depends on what skills one has?. On the product development side to be honest I’ve only produced one, “ Atkins Thickening Tonic”. As I said I’ve built my own hair salon in the past and also have built two restaurants, “St Peppers Gourmet Pizza”.

  • How can we find out more?

For more information on The Limey and the Yank, including sponsorship opportunities, please visit our website:

–End of Interview–

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