Ron GRAY: Inventor of Maximus

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I’m Ron Gray, a Fitter & Machinist with an adventurous & problem solving mind (don’t tell me your problems if you don’t want them solved). My history has been a mix of machining & fitting & always coming up with solutions to better whatever it was that I was working on, whether it be inventing something or implementing a solution.

I’m a first time serious inventor, well first time I have put the effort in to be on such a journey & been serious about such a HUGE project.

  • Tell us about the product/s you invented with a brief explanation 

Maximus: I’ve resorted to solve many problems to create a Camper Trailer for all ages & most abilities, mainly NO STAIRS or climbing, hard roof, walls & floors, 15′ when towing & 32′ (in area) after 7min set up, full bathroom & kitchen inside & another outside.

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off?

A few years ago I had to live away from home for work, which took me to central NSW & while driving through our lovely country & working in the open plains I felt the pull to get back to travelling around our great country & then it hit me, my one & only, my dearest wife has or had issues with camping. So I went about solving them, all in my head at first but as I came up with solutions & started to research I thought that I may be onto something because surely we couldn’t be the only ones with these issues!

  • How did you get from idea to finished product? Let us know of useful resources that helped you

I started to put my ideas onto paper & research products that I could use to solve these problems. After returning home I found myself a 3D Solidworks draftsman & drew up a basic concept, did a patent search  to find that there was nothing like Maximus in the world. With the help of a friend we did an artist impression presentation, Which I presented to people in the caravanning industry & highly experienced business people, which I got awesome feedback from which helped me to commit & began the construction of Maximus.

  • Where are you with your product?

The construction of Maximus Prototype still continues & I’m very excited because I’ve been kicking major goals lately & solving a huge amount of significant issues that I knew were coming. Thanks for taking the time & I assure you that once Maximus is ready & operating as per my design you will all see it & I expect a few jaws to drop.

–End of Interview–

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