Nagham HADI: Ajyad Medical

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I earned a bachelor’s degree in pharmacy from Syria after which I moved to Dubai to pursue my career. Whilst working for AstraZeneca, I secured an MBA from Manchester Business School.

The reason for wanting to take up the challenge and continue learning is linked to succeeding as entrepreneur, and making a meaningful impact, which I dreamt about since I was young.

I am in a continuous pursuit of growth and performing, acting or dancing, is a wonderful catalyst in which this can happen. Earlier this year I founded my business, Ajyad Medical, which has been an accelerated journey of personal development and professional growth.

Becoming an entrepreneur requires learning on so many levels from strategy, sales, marketing, and service. As I build and grow my business, I also continue growing. I embrace the challenges and find it endlessly rewarding.

  • Let us know about your venture with a brief explanation:

The name of my company is Ajyad Medical.  I founded this company early 2021 with the vision to make the world healthier by pushing the boundaries through innovation.

Our mission is to bring innovative solutions to market that benefit our workers’ and patient’s health, safety and well-being, with the purpose to make their life better.

  • How/ Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

My father, a businessman in Norway, is my role-model as he has always encouraged me to seek the hidden potential and leave a mark in this world.

As an entrepreneur, I believe we have a responsibility to give back to the world and make a positive difference. I started my company to make an impact, around improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation.

  • Tell us a bit more about your venture:

At Ajyad Medical, everything we do is centered around improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation. We strive to know the latest in ground-breaking, cutting-edge solutions at the delight of our workers and patients.

We improve the lives of our workers by protecting and promoting their health, through ergonomic optimization and our exoskeleton technologies.

We improve the lives of women by restoring their health, improving the quality of life, through supplemental health products.

Since our formal establishment, we represent several manufacturers from Europe and the United States of America. Please see below an introduction of several of the innovations we exclusively represent in the GCC region.

  • Our Herowear Apex is a back-assist exosuit designed to reduce strain on the back. It is a device that sustains strength and maintains the health of working men and women. 
  • Our Chairless Chair® allows for quick, easy, and flexible changes between sitting, standing and walk.
  • Our Tigovit Green Tea Extract contain high-quality green tea extracts with a particularly high amount of natural EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate), which occurs in the young leaves of green tea. Contrary to conventional green tea extracts, tigovit significantly increases the bioavailability of the natural active ingredients of green tea.

We strive to know the latest in ground-breaking, cutting-edge solutions to meet the increasingly sophisticated demands of our market.

See below quotes:

“Work stoppage and occupational disease are an economic burden.  As Ajyad Medical, we are committed to augmenting human’s strength and endurance with ergonomics and industrial exoskeletons at the workplace, leading to productivity gains, work quality improvements, and a reduction of the risk of work‐related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs)”

“At Ajyad Medical we only look forward. We bring the future with our first-in-class innovative medical exoskeletons to help spinal cord injury patients restore their movement ability. With great passion, we bring patients back into their communities, healthier & happier”

  • Website, Social Media and Video Links:

Website:  Click HERE & HERE

Instagram: Click HERE 

LinkedIn: Click HERE & HERE

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