Mitchell CONNER: Inventor of The True Square Golf Training Device

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

       Born and raised in the countryside in central Wisconsin. I have always been very inquisitive, taking things apart as a child to see how they worked. I spent 25 years working in the repair division for a housing manufacturer. A lot of troubleshooting, the kind where you figure the repair procedures on your own.

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off?

        I guess my kick start to my desire to be an inventor started with the decline of the housing industry. This is when I started my own carpentry/handyman business with my own shop to tinker in.

  • Can you list the products you have invented with a brief explanation of each

Where I do have several products that I brought to provisional patents and several others I would like to patent. I have only gone to a full patent on one of my projects thus far. My patent name is simply Golf Swing Training Device. It is a two piece device that when attached properly to any golf club helps improve sequencing of the golf swing, along with square contact with the golf ball.

  • How did you get from idea to finished product?

First, I was starting to get an obsession with golf, but I had a problem. I was not very  good. I could not understand the relationship between how my hands and club face worked together. One day I came up with wrist band and a sliding attachment to show how my wrist were bending/ turning in my golf swing. Immediately upon putting my device on and taking a few practice swings I could see a few a my swing flaws and began to understand some of the mechanics involved in the golf swing. I began the provisional patent process through Legal Zoom the next day. Shortly after that, with my new knowledge of the turn going back but still unable to quite judge the amount of turn I had in my back swing I taped a ½ inch vertical tube to my club shaft straight down from the bottom of my rubber grip as an extension of my lead arm plane. Same as the other device I could see the usefulness almost immediately. The next day I decided to incorporate a horizontal tube connecting to the vertical on one end and to the lower part of the club shaft, just above the club head to strengthen my device. Again I could see a better device with a plus of added visual. Just two weeks of practicing with my device I recorded my first hole in one. My first prototypes consisted of two pieces of poly tubing duct taped to my club. Sounds crude but I found it very functional and with proper color of tapes looked doable. Straight to Legal Zoom again for a provisional patent. From there I went to the web and submitted my ideas to the few companies that would let a individual submit their ideas. I kept at this for a while, with no luck. But still confident in my invention I contacted a patent lawyer and found the process quite easy, received my patent now on my own I have developed and brought my golf training device to market. As of now only on eBay I call it The True Square – Golf Training Device. Hopefully soon I will have it available on a few other places of market . So far sales have been few. I realize my device is unknown and unproven. So in the future I will need to put it to the test of teaching the golf swing with its use and somehow getting the golf world to believe in its benefits.

  • Let us know of useful resources that helped you i.e. Books, websites, software etc

       The only resources I used was the web to search for similar products, as I wanted my inventions to be original and to search for materials in order to be able to produce my own product.                                 

  • How can we find your product?

You can find my product on my Website (Click HERE) and on  eBay called Patented True Square – Golf training device.

  • Website:

Click HERE

— End of Interview —


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