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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

Greetings! I am Manika Gauri. I graduated in Business Economics from Delhi University, SGTB Khalsa College, North Campus.

  • Tell us a bit about each of your ventures:
  1. I am currently working as a Consultant to different brands into FMCG, Short Video Platforms, etc. For some brands, I started being a Campus Ambassador then moving onto the Delhi University Student Marketeer and now working with them as a Consultant.
  2. I am future marketer obsessed with the customer- centric approach with a passion for Digital Advertising and Social Media Marketing, striving for excellence and abundance of Ambition.
  3. I am a cross Disciplinary Marketer with 4 years of experience in Public Relations. I believe that brands need to be distinctive, not different. This concentration will provide valuable insights in a world where changes are rapid and multidirectional, making it a necessity for marketers to be on their toes. It prides me in my affinity of knowledge for providing timely customer service to clients as well as peer professionals to create lasting partnerships in this ever evolving world.
  4. What drives me? Taking Risk, Learning, Trying new things, and Impacting people’s lives while having fun as well as her enjoying the ride. Always motivated to help brands connect with people and engage with them through emotions. On a personal note, I love Socialising, meeting new people and trying different Cuisines. Oh ! I am a Lifestyle Blogger
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