David & Stephen SHIELDS: Inventors of the SpinDyne Engine/Partners in Novum Dynamics

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your invention and company

The SpinDyne Engine, US Pat. No. 9,279,366, was conceived by Stephen Shields in 2006. Stephen’s background includes experience as a machinist, quality control NDT Inspector, and training toward a class A CDL licence. He is also a member of the Steam Car Club of America.

David Shields, Stephen’s brother, worked with Stephen to produce 3D cad models, construction plans and  CGI animations of the engine. David’s background includes 20+ years as a draftsman-designer in the marine industry.  His educational background includes a BS, majoring in Biology, minoring in Chemistry.  In addition he studied drafting, math, physics.

As calculations on the engine revealed its potential, a partnership, Novum Dynamics was created.  It consists of three senior partners, Chris Parish, Stephen Shields and David Shields.  Junior members include Peter Elsworth, Robert Jackson Jr., Rick Borden and minor silent partners.

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off?

While Stephen was training for a commercial truck licence, he became aware of many deficiencies in the performance of diesel engines.  His interest in steam power led him to wonder if steam engines could be moved from the dark ages of inventions into a viable 21st century source of power.  Stephen studied traditional and alternative designs of steam engines and eventually decided that a perfected rotary steam engine was the best choice.  At this point he contacted his brother, David, to team and reach this goal.

  • How did you get from idea to the current stage of your project?

After creating preliminary 2D CAD plans, Stephen and David independently researched similar historical machines.  Each studied both the strengths and weaknesses of these inventions.

With Steve attacking the problem from a classic steam power approach and I, David, using modern physics, we were together able to solve problems that lead historic steam rotaries to fail.

With me doing the drafting/design and Stephen continuing research, we refined the design into it’s current, patented form.  This design was studied by Senior students at Old Dominion University.  Afterwards, Knighthawk Engineering reviewed our engine and agreed it was feasable and had potential competitiveness for today’s market.

We have been in contact with Kemper Engineering who have shown interest in our engine. When we can obtain funding for this work, Kemper will refine it to be a strong competitor in commercial markets.

  • Engine information

This is a rendering of the Spindyne engine:

Design information can be made to seriously interested parties.

With a size comparable to an automotive V-6, it is calculated to produce up to 434 hp and torque up to 2279 ft lbs.*  Torque is independent of rpms and varies depending on efficiency settings.  It is designed to run below 1000 rpm.  These calculations were performed assuming the use of “wet” steam.  The engine is intended to be powered by the more energy dense “dry, superheated” steam which will increase both performance and efficiency.

At its maximum efficiency setting for “wet” steam it can use 46.6% of its fuel for useful power output. Most internal combustion engines’ efficiencies range from 25% to 30%.*

It’s features include:

  1. Multi-fuel operation (natural gas, diesel, gasoline and other heat-energy sources)
  2. Meets current CAFÉ standards without the need of catalytic converters and other devices
  3. Quiet operation
  4. Oil free operation (state of the art friction free surfaces eliminate the need for oil)
  5. Does not idle; cannot stall. Engine rpm can reach zero yet engine will stay ready to resume operation instantly
  6. High power to weight ratio
  7. Water is recycled, the same as freon in air conditioners is reused without need for constant replacement

* Information is taken from The Knighthawk Report as provided by Knighthawk Engineering to Novum Dynamics

  • How can you be contacted?

Email us at info@novumdynamics.com

–End of Interview–

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