Chris PETRELLA: Inventor of BakUpBox®

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I am the Founder and CEO of Unlimited Power Ltd. and hold more than 10 years of knowledge and expertise in the solar tech industry. I am also Gulf War Era Vet who previously specialized in Army Intelligence. I was recipient of the US Army Commendation medal for inventing a secure one-way intelligence system that is still used in combat operations today. I have an extensive education and some of my highest achievements include a Bachelor’s in Computer Science, a graduate certificate of legal studies from Harvard Extension School and an Executive Branch lobbying certification.

  • Tell us about the products you invented with a brief explanation

I am a successful inventor and currently hold more than 12 patents both issued and pending. In the mid-1990s, I founded a dot com company where I applied for my first two patents. The first patent was for a method using the vertical blanking interval of over the air broadcast TV for on demand programming, and the second was for media overlay for commerce for the interactive television cable box. Some of my other inventions include the BakUpBox®, The BakUpMobile®, TheBakUp™, the RS series, and some high tech things with Carbon Nanotubes. 

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off?

When I was a kid, I read a book on how the first laser was created. I decided to experiment with my mother’s wedding ring. First, I took the diamond out and mounted it on a mirror and then I took the coil from a flash gun and put it in a light proof box with a pinhole. I plugged it in and turned it on, I think it worked because the whole thing went up in flames. 

  • How did you get from idea to finished product? 

I first conceived the idea of portable solar power while camping in the wilderness with my first experimental solar power generator. In 2013, I created the concept for the BakUpBox and began working toward making it into a tangible product. It was an extremely long process, and, in the beginning, I did not know a thing about electrical manufacturing, plastics or metal working but I was determined to succeed.  I was able to get from the idea to a finished product by finding people with expertise and knowledge in those areas and have them teach me what I didn’t know.

  • Let us know of useful resources that helped you i.e. Books, websites, software etc

Important resources that I have used along the way include Linked In, my iPhone 12, the Internet, and temp agencies. I also learned a great deal from reading the books, “The Laws of Human Nature” by R. Green and “Art of the Start” by Guy Kawasaki.  These resources alone tremendously helped my invention succeed.

  • Where are you with your product? Where can we buy your product?

The Bakup versions are currently only available to the military, but The RS Series will be available for the public to purchase on Amazon and in March of 2021.

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