Carmine DENISCO: Entrepreneur

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I have always been an Entrepreneur, starting my first business at the age of 17. Avid Cyclist.Love to do anything outdoors.

  • Can you list your ventures with a brief explanation of each:
  1. Computer Works: computer Sales, repairs & Service – Sold
  2. Vmercial: Video and commercial creating company – Sold
  3. Bizflick: Mix between Youtube & Yelp – failed
  4. Future Products of America: Retail Product Development Company – Sold
  5. EarMark Sourcing: Current Company – Retail Product Design, Prototyping, Manufacturing

Products I helped in the design, prototyping and ultimately mass manufacture
  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

My earliest memories drove me to be different from the crowd, seeing both my parents working long hours or two jobs, propelled me to always make certain I controlled my own destiny. Witnessing while growing up that most adults were not in control of their future, could not make school events, go on vacation or live life because their job would not allow. One of the main drivers was seeing that big corporate companies did not really care about employees, as soon as profits were down or labor somewhere else in the world was lower these Team members would become expendable which is a terrible, scary way to live.

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