Amika ADAMS: Inventor of Locking Fastener

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

My name is Amika Adams I. I am a born artist and have been drawing since the age of 4 years old. Ever since then I have been putting my creative spin on sewing and fashion.  I have later in life become an Elder/ Evangelist, computer technician, digital media designer, and patent inventor. I know it is a lot but my creativity has no end.

  • Tell us about the product you invented with a brief explanation

Locking Fastener: I created a locking fastener system patent # 10165840 to replace the buckle or swivel hook.  I am using the locking fastener on the only purse for heels in the world (Latrenae’ Collection) that is specially designed for heels or can be used as a purse still. The locking fastener holder and key allows you to connect the strap to the purse in a unique way.

  • How/Why did you start inventing. What set you off?

Well, I started by going to a ballroom dancing event then lessons later and found women were using t-shirt material cotton with the logo rubbing off drawstring bags for the fancy ballroom heels. That is what set me off on a mission and saw that this was a real problem. I started sewing satin on the outside and velvet on the inside drawstring bags and the ladies love them.  I later took my satin drawstring bag to a Customer 2 Cash program and won 3rd place $2000.  After interviewing over 80 women the drawstring bag turned into a drawstring bucket bag. 

  • How did you get from idea to finished product?

Well, I went on a journey of using my program resources and was able to patent my invention under $900.  I was also able to use those resources to find connections for me to get the 2D/3D CAD images done, then I put my project on a manufacturer’s website that is looking for work and my handbag was made.

  • Let us know of useful resources that helped you i.e. Books, websites, software etc

Book: Invent it, Sell it, Bank it by Laurie Greiner

Software: MS PowerPoint (for presentations)


  • Where are you with your product?

Right now I am in the process of raising funds for my handbag to purchase from the manufacturer.  Then from there I will be able to get the crowdfunding started for pre-orders  

  • Social media, website and video links

Facebook: Click Here 

Twitter: Click Here and Here 

Instagram: Click Here 

LinkedIn: Click Here

Website: Click Here 

–End of Interview–

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