Richard LEVY: Inventor

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I was a former award-winning “Mad Man” advertising agency V.P. Creative Director at some of NY’s most renowned ad agencies, including Doyle Dane Bernbach, Wells Rich Green and Benton & Bowles. My thirty years of advertising, marketing and branding experience includes being a Vice-President Creative Director on major international consumer accounts, creating strategic award-winning TV commercials for worldwide markets.

I’m now a prolific inventor of innovative and sometimes revolutionary new products in a number of eclectic categories. What inspired me to become an inventor? I discovered that not only did I have a unique marketing and creative background, but I also had the rare ability “to see things that were not there”. So whenever I would magically “see something that was not there” I simply invented it. Hopefully you’ll be enticed by one of them.

  • Can you list the products you have invented with a brief explanation of each

My inventions include a unique, designed “Pillow” unlike any other, unique “Cat Hideaway” cats will love, three of the most unique Frisbee-like flyers ever created, unique “Ball” kid’s will catch every time and never miss, unique line of Plush Dolls that are part pretty little girl and part veggie,  unique Bath Toys, unique Beach Toys, unique line of crazy-mixed up Plush Animals, unique Water Toy that lets kids “walk on water”, revolutionary “Kid’s Backpack” designed so books don’t drop to bottom, unique Fishing Lure guaranteed to catch a fish every time you cast it out, unique device to quickly save kids who’ve fallen through the ice on a frozen Pond or Lake.

 My “Disposable Male Urinal” invented for my father in the hospital who couldn’t get out of bed in time to get to the bathroom. A safer, easier to navigate “Senior Walker”, Senior “Fall-Safe Belt” that cushions their falls, the safest “Car Seat” ever created, Kid’s Bike Helmet to help protect kids precious heads, unique Ceramic Kitchen Pan, unique “Bird Feeder” that invites birds to feed “inside the house”, unique Hygienic Wipe, Kid’s Scooter that’s uniquely powered, scruffy plush Rescue Dogs and Cats you clean up, adopt and love, “Space Girls”, alien-like pretty dolls in spacey outfits who’ve come to Earth in Silver Rocket Ships to be adopted by Earth girls, revolutionary “Smoke Alarm” designed to “sniff out smoke” faster than any other alarm and two new, two Medical Marijuana exclusively Patented gums. One quickly reduces the discomforting side-effects of “Hot Flashes” and “Period Cramps”, the other gum when chewed before and after a Chemo treatment reduces it’s very discomforting nausea side-effects.

My unique produced toy inventions include: “Sky Diving Frogs Flyers” and “Sky Diving Pigs Flyers”. They’re five Frogs holding hands in a circle wearing goggles and backpacks and also five Pigs wearing goggles and backpacks holding hands in a circle, just like Sky Divers about to jump out of a plane. When you toss my flyers through the air, they fly like a Frisbee. Will sell all rights and molds to a toy company for very fair price.

  • How/Why did you start inventing? What set you off?

Folks ask me how I get from my unique idea to a finished product. My goof-proof secret. Whenever I “see something that’s not there”, I create a one-pager capturing my unique idea, creating a simple drawing of my vision, scribble down my new product’s strategic difference, the problem it solves and it’s potential target. I carefully research the category to make sure my product doesn’t already exist. I “Google it”, “Amazon it” and do a quick Patent search. Then assured my product is unique and original, I perfect my drawings, give my product a memorable name. Buy the Domain, apply for a Trademark for my unique name, apply for a Design Patent, but rarely apply for a costly Utility Patent which most inventors can’t afford.

Then I precisely target companies with similar products like the ones I’ve invented. I send short, enticing Linkedin messages or emails to the CEO, President, or Director of Marketing. This all-important first contact must say something very provocative, enlightening and relevant to their business. You must find a way to break-through-the-clutter of the hundreds of emails and texts they get every day and “manage to seduce them”. About 50% of the folks I’ve pitched have responded. I believe there are mostly good people out there who won’t steal or try and knock off your invention. You see, Inventors usually get a 5% royalty and companies a whopping 95%.

  • Where do we go from here with your inventions

Hopefully I’ve enticed you with one my revolutionary inventions. If you’d like to know more about any of them, send me an email and I’ll send you my NDA to sign. I’m looking for the right angel to help fund next steps for a generous share of any invention. If you help connect me to someone that leads to a licensing deal or sale, you’ll get a generous finder’s fee. Like I said, what makes my products so special is, “I can see what’s not there”.

  • How can we get in touch with you?

Mobile: (914) 659-5200

— End of Interview —

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