Moyosola IWASHOKUN: Gbayi_signaturez & Ankara toh gbayi

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

My name is Moyosola Iwashokun. I hail from the south western part of Nigeria. I come from the family of nine, I am the fourth born. I hold a degree in industrial chemistry and I am also skilled in shoe making. Growing up wasn’t easy, but the zeal to be successful kept me on track. I started off my shoemaking brand (gbayi_signaturez empire) 4 years ago with recent  subsidiaries in logistics and clothing brand. And today, I have over 10k followers on my brand’s social media pages, sold hundreds of footwears home and abroad, sold units of Ankara fabrics and rendered several logistics service from Nigeria to outside countries

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

Gbayi_signaturez: it’s a footwear producing brand, that produces footwears for men and women that wants to look good on a budget.

Gbayi_signaturez logistics service: it’s a logistics and personal shopping brand

Ankara toh gbayi: It’s a clothing brand which entails sales of quality, non bleaching and long lasting Ankara fabrics.

  • How / why did you start as an entrepreneur. What set you off?

Getting a job after school wasn’t an easy one. I applied for jobs and even scholarships but none was forthcoming. I had to use my shoemaking skills to provide income for myself, which led me into entrepreneurship journey. Running a business isn’t easy, although growth and development gets better as time goes by.

  • Tell us a bit more about each of your ventures:

Gbayi_signaturez empire entails shoe making, logistics and sales of quality Ankara fabrics. It is a registered brand name under CAC, with reg No: BN2987465 It is a shoemaking brand, producing quality and standard footwears for men and women who wants to look good on a budget. Footwears are made from quality fine leather and long durable soles with key attention to details, which suits international standard and at affordable prices.

Gbayi_signaturez logistics service is a logistics and personal shopping brand which render logistics service from Nigeria to outside countries and also run personal shopping service for lovers of Nigeria source products.

Ankara toh gbayi is a clothing brand which source and sell Ankara fabrics that are of quality, non bleaching, durable and at affordable prices for Nigerians, westerns and lovers of Ankara prints at large.

  • Social media links:

LinkedIn: Click HERE 

Instagram: Click HERE 

–End of Interview–

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