Kirsty NGOZI: Entrepreneur

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

I am Kirsty Ngozichukwuka Amamgbo. I hail from the Eastern part of Nigeria. I am the first child out of five children. I have a degree in Pharmacology from the prestigious University, University of Lagos. Growing up wasn’t easy cause been the first child, I had to always lead by example. Most times, I would have to sacrifice some things I cherish just to ensure my siblings don’t make any mistake. One of my long time dream was to become a best selling Author, that dream is still burning in me reason why I took to writing and creating contents. I started my blogs on LinkedIn, a journey of self discovery. Currently, I have more than 14,000 connections.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

Sales and Marketing Coach and Consultant: I have trained and coached people to become great salesmen and people transitioning into sales. I also offer consultancy to both individuals and company looking to increase their sales, retaining customers and converting leads to loyal customers.

Saggy bells Concept: I am a cofounder. It is a distribution company involved in distributing healthcare products across Nigeria.

Content creator: I write contents for both individual and company as a whole looking to promote their products, brand awareness or increase traffic to their website.

  • How did you get to where you are? What set you off?

I got to where I am by hardwork, resilience and consistency. I have been in the sales industry for 7 years, gathered experience and expertise in selling, hence the need to expand and increase my reach. I started coaching and mentoring young people who are in sales or transitioning into sales. I never had the opportunity to be mentored under someone, so I made lots of mistakes when starting out. When I see my mentees going far or achieving their goals, it makes me happy and fulfilled.

  • Tell us a bit more about each of your ventures:

Sales and Marketing Coach: I have coached and mentored newbies in sales and groomed them to be great sales professionals. I monitor their progress and direct them accordingly. I also consult for Companies that need to increase their revenue and want a brand that people can reckon with.

Saggy bells: This was birthed as a result of the gap in distribution channel. Rural areas don’t have access to healthcare products, hence the increase in mortality rate. This is the vision behind Saggy bells. To ensure healthcare products are evenly distributed, even to the remote part of Nigeria. For companies that need their products marketed in Nigeria can always reach out to me.

Content Creator: My contents has fetched my clients money, increase traffic to their websites and promoted their products. I create contents for companies or individuals looking for ways to create awareness to the public without breaking the bank. My clients are always happy and satisfied with my works and have gotten referrals through them

  • Social Media Links:

Facebook: Ngozi Kirsty

Instagram: Kirsty Ngozi

LinkedIn: Kirsty Amamgbo

–End of Interview–

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