FREE Website Offer -Terms & Conditions

  1. The FREE Website Design Offer is currently available only with your taking up one of the offered Hosting Packages. 
  2. We primarily build websites and can be contacted for making changes, additions etc. Hosting is arranged through hosting companies*. 
  3. Should you have any problems with hosting i.e. website being down, pages not displaying properly etc, we can give you the details to contact the hosting company directly. 
  4. Hosting packages may be paid for, on a monthly or yearly basis.
  5. Hosting packages include hosting company charges and our admin charges.
  6. For all hosting packages, the minimum contract is 12 months.
  7. If you wish to change hosting once we have built your website, you are responsible for making arrangements to transfer the website to another hosting provider
  8. Pricing: Hosting Packages start from $7 monthly, Website alterations from $5 and Paid extras from $3
  9. Hosting packages for “Heavy” websites (sites with high number of visits and rich in content i.e. ebooks, videos, high resolution images etc) are available at a higher price (For a quote, contact us HERE).
*As an affiliate we may receive commission from Hosting Companies for eligible purchases