Dave MENZ: Laundromat Millionaire

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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background:

Dave grew up in poverty and overcame superhero-like obstacles. His story, revealed in his debut book, Laundromat Millionaire – The Grit to Elevate an Industry is a life and business journey that doesn’t stop at rags to riches. It begins with a stubborn and obsessive mission to be a business owner with a tenacious and genuine purpose to help others to do the same – even if you also do not have a college degree or perhaps because you have one.

Dave teaches the principles of relentless studying of the greats to be a great, and knowing that even if an industry – like laundry – isn’t sexy, you can make it so.  His initial foray into business ownership was a side hustle alongside his corporate gig with Cincinnati Bell. He found his first business on Craigslist. (YUP, I did, as Dave would say.)  Once he owned it, he overhauled it from struggling, losing money and outdated, to one that was a valuable proposition to serve as a vital community asset.  In essence, he cared – for those who needed this service and deserve it.

His vision expands beyond only owning multiple businesses under the auspices of Queen City Laundry.  He shares his wisdom on his podcast and is a sought-after guest and coach.  Always the student, he expands his business model – and reach – to serve needs discovered.

As a picked on kid who was told he had limited options, to his readers, employees, fans and his children, Dave says, “If I can, you can. It simply takes grit.” It is with this fortitude, he forges forward in elevating an industry, and likely not only one.  Certainly, more lives will be elevated as a result of his Menz-ism touch.

Dave and his family live in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He is a family man and a man of faith.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

We now own 4 retail laundromats in Cincinnati, Ohio along with a robust Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service all under the brand Queen City Laundry. We also own several commercial investment properties in the area.  Our success led us from a net worth of $50K when we entered the industry to a multi-million-dollar net worth only 8 years later.

In 2017 I launched a separate coaching/mentoring business under the Laundromat Millionaire brand and website where I coach laundromat owners to achieve their goals and dreams. I’ve now coached over 183 successful clients over the past 5 years.

In 2021 my wife (Carla) and I launched a podcast called Laundromat Millionaire Show.  We’re now entering our 3 season- coming up soon.

The success in retail laundromats and our coaching business led to book publishing deal with Morgan James Publishing in New York. My book, Laundromat Millionaire- The Grit to Elevate an Industry releases in June.

We also launched our first in person educational/networking conference for laundromat owners.  Our initial Laundromat Millionaire Conference was a resounding success April 2-4, 2022 in Fort Lauderdale, FL with 125 laundromat owners attending from 36 different states and countries.

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

As a young kid, I always wanted to own my own business. My main motivation was that I hated formal education so I saw entrepreneurship as the best path to a successful and fulfilling life. I fulfilled that dream in April 2010 when we bought our first run down laundromat in Cincinnati, Ohio.

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