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  • Tell us something about yourself, your background

I am the Chief Mac Man of (SYM), the world’s most trusted and highest rated Apple trade-in company. SYM has paid out $42M+ and has helped over 100,000 customers.

I love helping individuals and organizations stay up to date on their Apple products. As a lifelong learner, I have become a Sommelier, an Apple Certified Mac Technician, a Notary Public, an Ordained Minister, and a Certified Scuba Diver.

I am passionate about empowering underprivileged students through gifting Apple technology. I believe gifting them a Mac can truly change their lives, their outlook on the world, and their future job prospects.

  • List your ventures with a brief explanation of each:

Since 2006, has helped more than 100,000 customers buy and sell Apple products. SYM has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and is rated #1 in our industry for Apple trade in. SYM helps individuals, families, students and businesses upgrade their Apple laptops, iOS devices, and desktop computers by paying competitive prices for used Apple products.

Amazing Deals on Apple Devices at Affordable Prices. Featuring the Full Line of Apple Products: MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Pro, Mac Mini, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and accessories too. We do all our work in house!

TEDx Speaker

Inspirational and passionate TEDx Talk about gifting Macs (Apple Computers) to change the world!

I knew when I started my business, I always wanted to give back as it grew.

My true passion lied with ensuring other students that did not grow up as privileged as myself have the means to succeed.

Starting in 2019, I pivoted to focus all my efforts to helping underprivileged students through gifting them Apple technology.

Can you imagine not having a computer to type your school papers on? That is the harsh reality for most of these students.

Gifting them a Mac can truly change their lives, their outlook on the world, and their future job prospects.

I am envisioning a future where every student has access to Apple technology to allow them to reach their goals, as I’ve reached mine.

Only then will I know that I have accomplished my dream.

LinkedIn Influencer with InfluencerActive

I love making content, and can co-create content with you to maximize the engagement and reach of your product or service! ✍️🎥

LinkedIn Master Class speaker

This workshop will develop the LinkedIn profile of each member and increase their overall LinkedIn knowledge with the goal of growing their personal brand and their business, while creating lifelong opportunities and relationships!

Each member will have their LinkedIn evaluated and be involved in creating actionable change to their profile during the meeting. This includes:

* Optimizing your LinkedIn profile for engagement 

* Creating the right message and actions to drive opportunities on LinkedIn

* Learning tips for social selling and personal branding

During the meeting we will rewrite our headlines to ensure they are driving engagement and leaving people to want to learn more.

Then we will work on our “About” section to tell a better story and get the reader to take the desired call to action. We will review as a group and work to improve each other through feedback.

We will learn about different types of posts, how to make a post impactful, and then write our own post to maximum potential for engagement.

Then we will go through a lot of LinkedIn tips, make updates to our settings that will help LinkedIn growth, and find out how to continue learning about LinkedIn.

  • How/Why did you start as an entrepreneur? What set you off?

I started my entrepreneurial journey at age 10, creating and selling jewelry and lanyards on the neighborhood sidewalk.

I had a love for numbers and started learning about investing at a young age. In 6th grade, I won a city wide investing content. Then I started real investing at the age of 13 with my Bar Mitzvah money. I invested in and learned about the leading tech stocks and consumer companies at the time.

In high school, I did arbitrage sales with Audi parts buying and selling between eBay and Audi forums.

In college, I started selling my friends items on eBay for commission and buying people’s old cell phones to resell.

My senior year at college, we were displaced due to Hurricane Katrina. While at Boston University for my fall semester, we were unable to meet with any of the on campus recruiters because the president of the university said it was a scarce resource. This was the only privilege denied to us as a full-time displaced student. Spring semester I went back to Tulane, but no recruiters visiting because the city was under military control and still had to be rebuilt. I applied to a lot of hedge funds and investment banks in NYC to try to land a finance job. My lack of key internships and fierce competition from Ivy League students left me without a job.

Upon college graduation, I returned home to Cincinnati and started doing sales on eBay from peoples junk. That quickly morphed into a focus on cell phones after I landed a 70 phone deal from a car dealership. I sold those for a healthy profit . Then I started making contacts with local Verizon resellers to purchase the old phones people would trade in. I began as another inbound product funnel. I sold all the phones on eBay and continued to build my eBay acumen as a Top Rated Seller. As the phone market started to become less lucrative, I pivoted into buying and selling Apple products. My true love and passion had always been Apple products, and this quickly proved to be a good business. I was doing arbitrage sales on eBay, buying a Mac and reselling it on the same channel with better photos, better description, and a warranty garnering a healthy margin. When I realized I was consistently staying up until late into the AM to search for the best “buy it now” deals on Macs, I knew there had to be a better way. Then I envisioned (SYM) as my new inbound lead generation for Apple products. I built the site and turned it into the #1 most organic website on google when people search for “sell Mac” and similar terms. SYM is now the World’s highest rated Apple Buyback service.

Call to action: (SYM) would love for you to sell your old Apple devices so you can get the cash and someone else can benefit from your used device. Use promo code “macman” for a bonus on your trade in! Click HERE

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