• We started Innovations and More with one product, the UStop Pee Stopper – Urine Deflector (Click HERE to find out more).
  • Having started the business on a shoe string budget and going into large scale manufacture in just over 6 months, we feel we have a lot to offer new inventors. 
  • What is unique about us is that we design and  manufacture our products – currently having over 30 products in various stages of development.
  • We also offer services to take an inventor through from idea to product and sales.
  • We have a featured entrepreneur series which helps both new and established inventors and entrepreneurs to highlight their journey. We have featured over a hundred entrepreneurs so far (Click HERE to find out more).
  • Our website is visited by thousands. If you would like to advertise your products on every page of our site, there is a paid advertisement option. Write to us at admin(at)innovationsandmore.com